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20th June 2003

spoonless7:30pm: incredible

I knew you could induce different sensations, but giving people savant-like abilities at the touch of a button? Wicked!

Where can I find more info on TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation)?

7th January 2003

lady_spacetrash11:50am: Golly Gee.
After reading some back entries, it seems to me that what y'all need is this:


catch up with the archives a bit, and then join the community. People all over the world are building prototypical EEG's for ~$200.00 US, with the guidance of some really generous and creative engineers and programmers. Maybe you can be one of them?

lady_spacetrash11:42am: Intro:
Whasup, y'all.

I'm currently building an open source Modular EEG. We've got the v.06 boards, and are going to attempt to make the v.07 modifications TO them... glad to know this community exists.


22nd April 2002

tjernobyl11:18am: Links du jour
Here's a BBCpage about a two-sensor system that uses slow cortical potential to allow locked-in patients to output text at 1/6 characters per second.

The Cyberlink gets a better data rate, but apparently uses a lot of facial muscle input.

TMS looks fascinating to play with as well, but might be out of our reach for now =

31st March 2002

kaolinfire6:16pm: headgear
this is a nice short discussion of the advantages of the QuikCap (over the electrocap).
kaolinfire6:04pm: homebrew eeg
welcome. I'd say more, but... I don't think it's necessary.

this was started here.
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